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Tirtha Raj Singh Suwal Gold Medal Award

"Tirtha Raj Singh Suwal" Gold Medal award was established by the family of Dr Kamala Suwal in dedication to her late father Tirtha Raj Singh Suwal on 2062 BS. The "Tirtha Raj Singh Suwal" Gold Medal award is given to the MD Anesthesiology candidate of Nepali citizenship who has secured highest marks in aggregate in the final examination from the institutes within Nepal.

Since 2010, the award has been given every year.




The list of candidates who are awarded with the "Tirtha Raj Singh Suwal" Gold Medal award:-

     1. Dr. Babu Raja Shrestha                2062 BS (2005 AD)

     2. Dr. Anil Shrestha                           2064 BS (2007 AD)

     3. Dr. Subhash Prasad Acharya        2066 BS (2009 AD)

     4. Dr. Chitra Thapa                            2067 BS (2010 AD)

     5. Dr. Jagat N Prasad                        2068 BS (2011 AD)

     6. Dr. Ujma Shrestha                         2069 BS (2012 AD)

     7. Dr. Akanchaya Rana                     2070 BS (2013 AD)

     8. Dr. Sabin Koirala                           2071 BS (2014 AD)

     9. Dr. Pankaj Joshi                            2072 BS (2015 AD)

     10. Dr. Manisha Shahi                        2073 BS (2016 AD)

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